2022 Autumn Event
momoko DOLL 20th Anniversary momoko's mission shopping 2022


26 December 2022
momokoDOLL 20th Anniversary Exhibition
- is momoko an idol? -
A video of the exhibition is now available.
Please take a look.


1 December 2022
The results of the Idol Momoko popularity pole are now available!

21 October 2022
Karaoke versions of idol songs now available!

3 October 2022
The following dolls will be on display
at the momokoDOLL 20th Anniversary Exhibition
from Friday 7 October!

“Kaela Kimura”
Collaboration on a magazine project in 2006.
Kaela Kimura x momokoDOLL

Collaboration 2006.
momokoDOLL as GAINAX Girls 003 NADIA

Collaboration 2014.
momokoDOLL as GAINAX Girls 004 Yoko Littner
momokoDOLL as GAINAX Girls 005 Nia Teppelin

27 September 2022
Sculptor Keisuke Sawada has joined the talk event Part 2
on 10 October (Monday/holiday) as a guest speaker.

12 September 2022
momokoDOLL 20th
Anniversary Exhibition!
Saturday 10 September - Sunday 6 November.

Held at Yokohama Doll Museum.
momoko dressed as idols from the Showa era to the Reiwa is on display.
Commemorative event products and special merchandise will be on sale. In addition, a talk event will be held.
Come and meet the new momoko!

Idol momoko DOLL Popularity vote
Web voting has started.

9 September 2022
Autumn 2022, Yokohama Doll Museum event update!
“My Choice momoko DOLL”
20th Anniversary Commemorative Goods
Idol song music videos added.

22 August 2022
Two idol songs released simultaneously!

To celebrate momoko's 20th anniversary, she released an original song as an idol. Voice actress and singer Maria Kawamura has been chosen to voice the character. Maria Kawamura, who herself is a momoko fan, expresses momoko's ever-changing charm.


A song in Showa idol pops atmosphere about the sad and painful feeling of a girl in a vague position.

Music distribution

[MV] momoko CV Maria Kawamura
“MOMOIRO-NO-YAKUSOKU” Digitally remastered version YouTube

[MV] momoko CV Maria Kawamura
“MOMOIRO-NO-YAKUSOKU” Showa-era version YouTube


To be kawaii is a good thing. A Japanese-style danceable song to enhance self-positivity.

Music distribution

[MV] momoko CV Maria Kawamura

22 August 2022
Autumn 2022, Yokohama Doll Museum event update!

15 July 2022
Autumn 2022, Yokohama Doll Museum event update!

9 June 2022
Autumn 2022, Yokohama Doll Museum event update!

9 June 2022
Video of "momoko's mission shopping 2022" event is now available!

1 March 2022
Autumn 2022.We will hold an event at Yokohama Doll Museum.The theme is Idol.

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